“I believe that life comes at some expense and we choose to pay those debts following endeavors of passion. In my artwork lies that which inspires me, pains me, or that which I find plain ridiculous. It’s just art; stay open, look beyond the surface and above all, stand for what you believe in. Defiance. Strength Through Character.”

~ Jana Vackova

Influenced by the first part of her life spent in the Czech Republic, Jana Vackova’s art references Old World Europe whilst exploring the timeless themes of defiance, power, emancipation, love and passion... Mystical figures of archetypal women float in a web of dreamlike images collaged together with violent splashes of colour (not coincidentally the ones often used in communist propaganda). Vackova combines the skilled eye of a photographer with her ability to capture pure emotion; her use of dramatic strokes and mark-making draw the viewer inside, revealing a story.